Currently serving as the lead role as Historic Preservation & Incentives Specialist with Hobart Historic Restoration in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Mary Ottoson is the leading expert on the history of the late Chicago architect, Joseph c. Llewellyn as well as on a mid-century building material known as "Weldtex."


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Joseph C. Llewellyn

Professional consulting services related to historic preservation and adaptive re-use projects that include National Register Eligibility Determinations & Nominations as well as state and federal tax credit applications and public and private grants. 


Joseph C. Llewellyn was an architect active in the Chicago metropolitan area from 1892 – 1932, who specialized in school design and construction.  Llewellyn, though hardly a household name, was at one time a leading figure in regional and national architecture organizations.  He became predominantly known in architectural circles for his school designs, particularly in secondary education (high schools).  Unfortunately, Llewellyn’s contributions have been mostly ignored over time, though not forgotten.